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Control and GSM:

All systems of automation base on the systems, that control processes.


Dependig on the complication of control systems you can use regulators, logical modules or contollers. Because of little universality regulators are used more and more rarely. Most often central or decentralized control systems are created.

ilustracjaIf the systems base first of all on double-position , logical modules can be used. Handling with the software is quite easy, it has got many ready-made functions adapted to control of the appliances. Thanks to that you can create even complicated functions of control.  Module structure let extend the systems.

 In more complicated systems, where analogue signal can be found, you have to use freely programable controllers PLC. The central unit CPU, that has integrated inputs and outputs, can be completed with additional modules of extension. Extended communication functions let create industrial nets, that control processes.

ilustracjaA steady monitoring of measured values becomes more and more important in the control systems. Any exceedments of critical values or any breakdowns should be automaticaly notified to contolling unit or to the person that is responsible for the object. Because the cellural phones have become so popular, GSM communication and SMS are very often used for that. If GSM modules are appropriately configurated, you can connect them with the control system and they will control and automaticaly notify.

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