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A registration:

A registration of physical values, that decide about a quality of a product becomes more and more important in production processes.

It results from quality assuring certificates or from law regulations that are specified by supervising departments in particular branches of industry. .

The changes rate of process condiotions, the way of recording and the recording carrier decide about the choice of the registration system.

Stationary recorders


Stationary recorders let keep the record in local memory, on removable storage medium or on the paper.

The development of communication possibilities let create (basing on recorders) industrial nets and file documents on the computer.

Diffuse systems of dates collecting

The othe group of appliances that let measure and register parameters of the process are measuring modules that let create, so called, diffuse systems of dates collecting. These appliances have got measuring outputs and communication inputs. The created industrial net is connected to the computer, where the documents are filed.

The module diffusion on the object is connected with large distances, on that the transmission must be ensured. Transmission lines for industrial communication interfaces RS-485 can reach over 1000 m (without using any intensifing systems – repeaters).

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