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Pneumatics is a large group of appliances that let controll and use the energy of prestressed air.

The executive elements in pneumatic systems are servo-motors.

ilustracjaPneumatic servo-motors, in that an executive elements makes sliding-reflexive moves answer for changing the energy of prestressed air into the mechanical enregy. The pneumatic servo-motors, in that an executive element makes rotating moves (pneumatic motors) answer for changing the energy of prestressed air into the energy of rotating moves.

Depending on the use and required forces following marks are taken into account: a mechanical realization of the servo-motor, a function of operation, a dimeter and a lead of a piston.

Next group of executive appliances are elements of, so called, Handling group. That's the complex, module system of building standard manipulators and industrial robots. The appliances let postion in pneumatic and electropneumatic technique and different kinds of grabs.

ilustracjaThe group of appliances, that answer for controlling by using the prestressed air are valves. They contoll the direction of the flow, pressure or flow intensification of the deterrent. Depending on the requirements, different kinds of valve controlling are used:

  • controlling by the operator (hand and foot valves)
  • mechanical control (by a spring, a roll and so on)
  • electric control
  • pneumatic control


You can connect the valves with each other, creating integrated, intelligent solutions of electropneumatic controll. that are called valve enclaves.

Important elements of pneumatic systems are groups that prepare the presteressed air. The effect of theri operations is getting different quality classes of the prestressed air. Depending on the requirements compact sets or separate elements can be chosen, for example: filters, pressure regulators, greasers, diaphragm and absorptive drier, pressure intensifiers and indicator elements.

The pneumatic systems cant' be created without linking hardware. In this group of applinces you can find pneumatic cables and different kinds of adapters.

The pneumatic systems are widely used because of simplicity and rate of operation. Extended pneumatic contol systems are very often used in the zones that are threatend by explosions. 

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